2 thoughts on “Cochran’s Mills, Pennsylvania, 1860s.

  1. We wish to use this picture on a stage wall for a local production for a very short moment in a three day production. Would you please give us permission to use this image please. It would mean much to us.

    We are putting on a Steampunk show based on the lives of Nellie Bly and Jules Verne produced by The Dangerfield and Vladevescu Steampunk Theatre. We are just a small group of local people who are dong this for the Dunedin Fringe Festival in New Zealand.

    Yours sincerely
    Sandy Cleary (my Steampunk name is Alexandrina Vladevescu)
    The Dangerfield and Vladevescu Steampunk Theatre

    1. The photo is in public domain. I enhanced it and you are welcome to use it. I’d love to see what you produce. Thanks for visiting Racing Nellie Bly and best of luck on your project.

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