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Connecting Victorian Era Past and Our Present to Inspire The Future

Welcome to our transmedia project inspired by footnotes from the Victorian Era, a time of extreme changes due to the technological revolution.  Our Racing Nellie Bly blogs and stories will delve into the Strange Times and Weird Science of the Victorians: women and men, scientists, inventions, automobiles, hot air balloons, dirigibles, stunts, races, products, businesses, gold rushes, Steampunk, and much more.

These stories are intended for curious people of all ages who love strange footnotes in history.

Racing Nellie Bly, the Victorian Era core story, is based on historical characters, Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland. In 1890, these rivaling journalists from New York City raced each other in opposite directions to beat the record around the world in eighty days. Join the adventures in this fictional account, based on true events.

A Transmedia Project Inspired By The Victorian Era

Racing Nellie Bly includes: a WEIRD SCIENCE blog, a STRANGE TIMES blog, MOBILE GAME, interactive pages where YOU CHOOSE the direction of the action, sample chapters of the BOOK, and by request, the Feature Film Script.

The Life and Times of Bisland and By

The Victorian Era (also Industrial Revolution and  Technological Revolution) was a time of extraordinary imagination. Mind-bending ideas and inventions surfaced daily from visionaries including Jules Verne, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, and many more. It was a time when bizarre gadgets and modern devices were revolutionizing daily life.

It was also a time of scoundrels, swindlers, stick-ups and scams. Newspapers battled daily for the juiciest stories to win readers’ attention. Forward thinkers defied society and questioned authority. It was a time of monumental change.

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly embraced the changes. She pushed the envelope of investigative reporting and stunt journalism, making front-page headlines. Bly loved the electric excitement in the air. Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of The New York World Newspaper, found in her his secret weapon to compete for outrageous headlines. Bly masterminded incredible schemes, donned elaborate disguises, aked exotic accents — in short, she stopped at nothing to get her story.

Elizabeth Bisland

Elizabeth Bisland, on the other hand, loved things the way they were. She was a beautiful, snooty, high-society essayist who believed in ladylike behavior and did not allow her byline to appear on her scholarly articles. Bisland resented and feared the changes Bly was spearheading.

Nellie Bly v. Elizabeth Bisland

From the time they met, Bisland and Bly became arch rivals. Racing Nellie Bly is the untold story, based on true events, of how they ended up sharing some of the greatest adventures of all time. The first of these was a highly publicized race in opposite directions around the world – a feat that made daily headlines across America and around the world.

Join The Adventures Of Nellie Bly And Elizabeth Bisland

These are the untold stories from footnotes of the Victorian Era.  In The Adventures of Nellie Bly, Bisland grudgingly gives in to Bly’s unladylike schemes because she can’t deny “that Bly woman” whetted her own repressed appetite for adventure and intrigue. Despite their numerous differences and non-stop banter, they make a dynamic team as they uncover stories and meet some of the great characters who made the times so incredibly dynamic.

Racing Nellie Bly
Victorian Secrets From Footnotes In History
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Coming Soon! The dueling diaries of Elizabeth Bisland and Nellie Bly.