The Saga Of Hurricane Bill

In the Saga of Hurricane Bill, a hapless character of the Old West amassed piles of gold. Somehow, his dreams  always became tarnished. Following are two poems in the Hurricane Bill Series by Emmett, the Malibu Poet. Emmet is a long time resident of Malibu.

The Saga of Hurricane Bill 
Now here’s a tragic story about a guy named Bill
Who buried all his money and Gold,
Beneath the sand dune hills.

His home was along the seashore, a few yards up the beach;
With the sand dunes just outside his door,
Where his loot was near to reach.

He didn’t believe in wall safes, nor Banks of any kind;
He was sorta stingy like a scrooge,
Without much peace of mind.

He would walk atop the sand dunes, when no one was around;
And pictured in his one track mind,
That it never would be found.

It’s true, no one ever dug it up — the effort wasn’t needed;
And this he never considered,
In the sand dune he had seeded.

But fate of late, changed it all, one dark and stormy night;
When a Great high wind came howling in,
With tides of tremendous heights.

Well, this story tells of what you guessed, happened to friend Bill,
His Gold and money was swept away,
Right down to the smallest bills.

And to this day he walks the beach and searches high and low,
With a down turned face — in disgrace,
For his Gold that will never show.

Hurricane Bill lost his Gold,
In the last story that was told.
A Hurricane wind came up one night,
And sucked it out of its hiding site.

And now he’s building a bunker deep,
With steel and rocks and solid concrete.
He’s put a safe in the middle of the floor,
To hide his new Gold, as before.

This hiding place is under ground,
With 2 foot walls, most strong and sound.
He’s built it in the dead of night,
So the Building Inspectors won’t take afright.

But Bill talks too much, to certain friends,
And tells how much he can spend —
And brags about the value of Gold,
And that his money will never grow old !

Well, the word got out, as you can guess,
And now he’s in one helluva mess.
The Building Inspectors are on his tail,
And you should hear him cry and wail.

Now, his new bunker has gotta come out,
And his confident ways are now in doubt —
The government’s going to confiscate the Gold,
And this funny story must be told.

So Hurricane Bill is now worse off,
Than when the Hurricane took his Gold aloft.
He’s worried to death he will die stone broke —
And wander the streets without any hope.

And The Story Will Continue. Stay Tuned!!

Emmett, the Malibu Poet
A resident of Malibu for more than fifty years, he attributes much of his inspiration to the good fortune of living in Malibu by the Sea. “For it is here, where Nature displays her many garments of loveliness, that one can draw close to the Creator of all life, love, beauty and inspiration.”
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