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High Scores Amazon Race Konk The Monkey
With the help of your trusty frog, Wink, you must RACE to your camp on the Amazon River before you run out of food in seven days!
The Gooney Birds need YOU. That's right - YOU! Help them the unruly monkey with a tree full of coconuts.

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Cat Chow Heads Up
When their owner's away, these bad cats will play. Help them reach the box of cat nips - and see the surpise that's waiting for them!
 Have you got what it takes to beat the clock? The trick to this game is to stay focused -- and don't lose your head!
     Wing It  Where on Earth
 With the help of your loyal bird, Brutus, you must RACE across the United States in your vintage biplane before you run out of supplies in seven days!
 So you think you know everything in the world? Here's your chance to PROVE it by beating the clock in a match game.